Odyssey One Books in Order, by Evan Currie

A military science fiction saga written by the Canadian author Evan Currie, the Odyssey One series follows Captain Eric Weston and the crew of the NAC Odyssey embarking on a historic mission—a journey into uncharted territories.

As they traverse this new and inhospitable universe, they stumble upon a startling revelation. Earth’s inaugural interstellar voyage thrusts humanity into a long-forgotten war that spans centuries, pitting them against the formidable Drasin alien Empire.

Here is the Odyssey One Series in Order

Holy Ground (2021)*
Into the Black (2012)
The Heart of Matter (2012)
Homeworld (2013)
Out of the Black (2014)
King of Thieves (2015)**
Warrior King (2016)
Odysseus Awakening (2017)
Odysseus Ascendant (2018)
Archangel One (2019)***
Archangel Rising (2020)***
Imperial Gambit (2022)***
King’s Fall (2022)

*a prequel to the Odyssey One series originally published before King’s Fall.
**This Star Rogue Tie-in book is a stand-alone adventure.
***This trilogy of books is also known as the Archangel One spin-off series.

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