Old Man’s War Reading Order, by John Scalzi

The story of the science fiction series The Old Man’s War written by John Scalzi is set in a future where Earth is part of a vast interstellar human civilization.

The Colonial Defense Forces (CDF) recruit elderly individuals from Earth, granting them new, enhanced bodies to become soldiers in the ongoing conflict against various extraterrestrial species. The protagonist, John Perry, joins the CDF on his 75th birthday and undergoes a process that transforms him into a young, genetically modified soldier.

As John Perry embarks on his new life in the CDF, the soldiers face diverse alien species, mysterious technologies, and the moral complexities of war.

Here are the Old Man’s War Books in Order

Old Man’s War (2005)
Questions for a Soldier” (2005)
The Ghost Brigades (2006)
The Sagan Diary” (2007)
After the Coup” (2008)
The Last Colony (2007)*
Zoe’s Tale (2008)*
The Human Division (2013)
The End of All Things (2015)

*These two novels tell one story from two different points of view.

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