Op-Center Books in Order, by Tom Clandy and others

A political and military thriller series created by Tom Clancy (Splinter Cell) and Steve Pieczenik, the stories revolve around a fictional government agency called Op-Center, short for the National Crisis Management Center.

Op-Center is a multi-agency task force that operates under the President of the United States and is responsible for handling crises, both domestic and international.

Throughout the series, Op-Center deals with a variety of threats, including terrorist attacks, political conspiracies, and global conflicts. The team at Op-Center, composed of experts from different fields such as intelligence, military, and technology, works together to analyze and respond to emerging crises.

Here is the Op-Center Series in Order

The first Op-Center run was mostly written by Jeff Rovin.

Op-Center (1995)
Mirror Image (1995)
Games of State (1996)
Acts of War (1997)
Balance of Power (1998)
State of Siege (1999)
Divide and Conquer (2000)
Line of Control (2001)
Mission of Honor (2002)
Sea of Fire (2003)
Call to Treason (2004)
War of Eagles (2005)

Op-Center got rebooted by Dick Couch and George Galdorisi, and Jeff Rovin came back to write new stories.

Out of the Ashes (2014)
Into the Fire (2015)
Scorched Earth (2016)
Dark Zone (2017)
For Honor (2018)
Sting of the Wasp (2019)
God of War (2020)
The Black Order (2021)
Call of Duty (2022)
Fallout (2023)

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