Oregon Files in Order, by Clive Cussler

The Oregon Files series centers around a private military organization called the Corporation. The Corporation operates from a high-tech ship known as the Oregon, which is disguised as a rusty cargo ship.

The ship is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and weaponry, making it a formidable force. Juan Cabrillo is the captain of the Oregon who’s working with a diverse crew of skilled individuals with unique talents. The Corporation is hired for covert missions that often involve international intrigue, political conspiracies, and high-stakes conflicts.

As the Oregon and its crew navigate the world’s oceans, they undertake a variety of assignments, from rescuing hostages and recovering stolen technology to combating terrorist threats and uncovering hidden secrets.

The Oregon Files series is a spin-off of the Dirk Pitt series co-authored by Clive Cussler and various co-writers.

Here are the Oregon Files Books in Order

Flood Tide (1997)°
Golden Buddha (2003)*
Sacred Stone (2004)*
Dark Watch (2005)**
Skeleton Coast (2006)**
Plague Ship (2008)**
Corsair (2009)**
The Silent Sea (2010)**
The Jungle (2011)**
Mirage (2013)**
Piranha (2015)***
The Emperor’s Revenge (2016)***
Typhoon Fury (2017)***
Shadow Tyrants (2018)***
Final Option (2019)***
Marauder (2020)***
Hellburner (2022)****
Fire Strike (2023)****

°This first book is part of the Dirk Pitt Series.
*Novels co-written with Craig Dirgo.
**Novels co-written with Jack Du Brul.
***Novels co-written with Boyd Morrison.
****Novels co-written with Mike Maden

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