Parker Books in Order, by Richard Stark

Written by Donald E. Westlake (Dortmunder) under the pseudonym Richard Stark, this series revolves around the character Parker, a professional thief and career criminal.

He is a hardened and pragmatic man who engages in various criminal activities, including meticulously planned heists, robberies, and other illicit endeavors.

The stories typically focus on specific heists and criminal schemes, providing readers with a detailed and realistic depiction of the planning, execution, and aftermath of these criminal activities.

Parker’s character is defined by his professionalism, resourcefulness, and determination to succeed in a dangerous and unforgiving criminal landscape.

Here is the Parker Series in Order

The Hunter (1962)
The Man with the Getaway Face (1963)
The Outfit (1963)
The Mourner (1963)
The Score (1964)
The Jugger (1965)
The Seventh (1966)
The Handle (1966)
The Rare Coin Score (1967)
The Green Eagle Score (1967)
The Black Ice Score (1965)
The Sour Lemon Score (1969)
Deadly Edge (1971)
Slayground (1971)
Plunder Squad (1972)
Butcher’s Moon (1974)
Comeback (1997)
Backflash (1998)
Flashfire (2000)
Firebreak (2001)
Breakout (2002)
Nobody Runs Forever (2004)
Ask the Parrot (2006)
Dirty Money (2008)

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