Patrik Hedstrom Books in Order, by Camilla Läckberg

Written by Swedish author Camilla Läckberg, this crime series is set in the small coastal town of Fjällbacka, Sweden.

The story revolves around Patrik Hedström, a dedicated and astute police detective, as he investigates various crimes–from murders and disappearances to thefts and other illicit activities–alongside his colleagues in the local police force.

Patrik’s wife, Erica Falck, is a writer who often becomes involved in the investigations in some capacity. She provides insight and support to Patrik as he works on solving cases.

Here is the Patrik Hedstrom Series in Order

The Ice Princess (2008)
The Preacher (2008)
The Stone Cutter (2010)
The Stranger (2011)
The Hidden Child (2011)
The Drowning (2012)
The Lost Boy (2013)
Buried Angels (2014)
The Ice Child (2016)
The Girl in the Woods (2018)
The Cuckoo (2024)

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