Paul Madriani Books in Order, by Steve Martini

Written by Steve Martini, the book series follows the story of Paul Madriani, a criminal defense attorney.

Each novel in the series typically involves Madriani getting entangled in legal cases that often have complex and high-stakes situations.

As a defense attorney, Madriani finds himself representing clients facing serious criminal charges, and the cases frequently involve legal and investigative intricacies.

Here is the Paul Madriani Series in Order

Compelling Evidence (1992)
Prime Witness (1993)
Undue Influence (1994)
The Judge (1995)
The Attorney (2000)
The Jury (2001)
The Arraignment (2002)
Double Tap (2005)
Shadow of Power (2008)
Guardian of Lies (2009)
The Rule of Nine (2010)
Trader of Secrets (2011)
Surfing the Panther” (2015)*
The Second Man” (2015)
The Enemy Inside (2015)
Blood Flag (2016)
The Secret Partner (2018)

*A Novella by Linda Fairstein and Steve Martini featuring their popular series characters Alex Cooper and Paul Madriani.

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