Poke Rafferty Books in Order, by Timothy Hallinan

The adventures of Christopher “Poke” Rafferty, an American travel writer living in Bangkok, Thailand. Rafferty becomes entangled in various mysteries and criminal activities as he navigates the complex and vibrant city.

Each book in the series presents Rafferty with a new case or challenge, often involving elements of Thai culture, crime, and corruption.

As the stories unfold, Rafferty must use his wit and resourcefulness to solve crimes and protect himself and those he cares about in the bustling and sometimes dangerous environment of Bangkok. The Poke Rafferty series is written by Timothy Hallinan (Junior Bender).

Here is the Poke Rafferty Series in Order

A Nail Through the Heart (2007)
The Fourth Watcher (2008)
Breathing Water (2009)
The Queen of Patpong (2010)
The Fear Artist (2012)
For the Dead (2014)
The Hot Countries (2015)
Fools’ River (2017)
Street Music (2020)

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