Rebecka Martinsson Books in Order, by Asa Larsson

Rebecka Martinsson is a lawyer who becomes involved in criminal investigations in the northern parts of Sweden.

The story begins when Rebecka, originally from Kiruna, returns to her hometown after the brutal murder of a childhood friend. Her involvement in the investigation leads her to collaborate with local police officer Anna-Maria Mella.

As the series progresses, Rebecka becomes more deeply entangled in solving crimes, ranging from murders with complex motives to other criminal mysteries in the remote and often harsh landscapes of northern Sweden.

The Rebecka Martinsson book series is written by Åsa Larsson.

Here is the Rebecka Martinsson Series in Order

Sun Storm (2006)
The Blood Spilt (2007)
The Black Path (2008)
Until Thy Wrath be Past (2011)
The Second Deadly Sin (2013)
The Sins of our Fathers (2023)

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