Red Queen Series in Order, by Victoria Aveyard

Set in a dystopian world divided by blood color, the story of the Red Queen series follows Mare Barrow, a Red, who possesses no magical abilities in a society where the elite Silvers have superhuman powers.

In this world, Silvers rule over Reds with oppressive authority, using their extraordinary abilities to maintain control. Mare, however, unexpectedly discovers that despite her Red blood, she possesses a unique power of her own.

To conceal her true identity, the ruling Silvers force Mare to pose as a lost Silver princess and engage in the royal court. As Mare navigates the treacherous world of the Silvers, she becomes entangled in political intrigue, rebellion, and a burgeoning revolution.

This young adult fantasy series is written by Victoria Aveyard.

Here are the Red Queen Books in Order

Queen Song” (2015)*
Steel Scars” (2016)*
Cruel Crown” (2016)
Red Queen (2015)
Glass Sword (2016)
King’s Cage (2017)
War Storm (2018)
Broken Throne” (2019)*

*Those novellas are collected in the volume titled “Broken Throne.”

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