Roy Ballard Books in Order, by Ben Rehder

The Roy Ballard Mysteries written by Ben Rehder (Blanco County) revolves around a private investigator in Austin, Texas.

Roy Ballard, a former photojournalist, becomes a private investigator and uses his skills to solve various cases. The stories often involve quirky and humorous situations, and Ballard’s investigations lead him into unexpected and entertaining predicaments.

The series is known for its lighthearted approach to the mystery genre, blending wit and suspense in each installment.

Here is the Roy Ballard Series in Order

Gone The Next (2012)
Get Busy Dying (2014)
If I Had A Nickel (2015)
Now You See Him (2017)
A Tooth For A Tooth (2018)
Shake And Bake (2019)
Better To Be Lucky (2020)
Another Man’s Treasure (2022)
The High Ground (2023)

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