Ryder Creed Books in Order, by Alex Kava

Ryder Creed is a former Marine turned dog trainer and search-and-rescue expert who uses his skills to train search-and-rescue dogs to assist in locating missing persons.

Creed and his dogs often work to solve mysteries, find kidnapped individuals, and uncover hidden dangers. Creed must navigate through various challenging scenarios to save lives and uncover the truth.

The Ryder Creed book series is written by author Alex Kava (Maggie O’Dell).

Here is the Ryder Creed Series in Order

Breaking Creed (2015)
Silent Creed (2015)
Reckless Creed (2016)
Lost Creed (2018)
Desperate Creed (2019)
Hidden Creed (2020)
Fallen Creed (2022)
Midnight Creed (2023)

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