Sandhamn Murders Books in Order, by Viveca Sten

This Swedish crime series written by Viveca Sten takes place on the idyllic island of Sandhamn in the Stockholm Archipelago.

The story follows the investigations of Detective Thomas Andreasson and his childhood friend, lawyer Nora Linde, that typically involve murders or other serious crimes that disrupt the tranquil life on the island.

Thomas and Nora work together to unravel the mysteries, exploring the motives, secrets, and relationships of the island’s residents.

Here is the Sandhamn Murders Series in Order

Still Waters (2015)
Closed Circles (2016)
Guiltless (2017)
Tonight You’re Dead (2017)
In the Heat of the Moment (2018)
In Harm’s Way (2018)
In the Shadow of Power (2019)
In the Name of Truth (2020)
In Bad Company (2021)
Buried in Secret (2022)

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