Sarah Kelling Books in Order, by Charlotte MacLeod

Sarah Kelling is a member of the Boston Brahmin society who inherits a valuable art collection known as the Kelling ancestral treasures. She also works alongside her detective husband, Max Bittersohn, to solve crimes and uncover the truth behind the murders.

As the series progresses, Sarah finds herself regularly entangled in various murder mysteries, often involving eccentric characters, quirky situations, and a touch of humor, while exploring the upper-crust society of Boston and the art world.

The Sarah Kelling mystery book series was written by Charlotte MacLeod (1922 – 2005), author of the Peter Shandy series.

Here is the Sarah Kelling Series in Order

The Family Vault (1980)
The Withdrawing Room (1981)
The Palace Guard (1982)
The Bilbao Looking Glass (1983)
The Convivial Codfish (1984)
The Plain Old Man (1985)
The Recycled Citizen (1988)
The Silver Ghost (1988)
The Gladstone Bag (1989)
The Resurrection Man (1992)
The Odd Job (1995)
The Balloon Man (1998)

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