Scot Harvath Books in Order, by Brad Thor

A former Navy SEAL turned covert counterterrorism operative, Scot Harvath is tasked with preventing and responding to various international threats, ranging from terrorist attacks to political conspiracies.

He must use his strategic thinking, combat skills, and dedication to face a wide range of adversaries, from terrorists and rogue states to shadowy organizations with global reach.

The Scot Harvath book series is written by Brad Thor.

Here is the Scot Harvath Series in Order

The Lions Of Lucerne (2002)
Path of the Assassin (2003)
State of the Union (2004)
Blowback (2005)
Takedown (2006)
The First Commandment (2007)
The Last Patriot (2008)
The Apostle (2009)
Foreign Influence (2010)
Full Black (2011)
Black List (2012)
Free Fall” (2013)
Hidden Order (2013)
Epilogue II” (2013)
Act of War (2014)
Code of Conduct (2015)
The Athens Solution” (2015)
Foreign Agent (2016)
Use of Force (2017)
Spymaster (2018)
Backlash (2019)
Near Dark (2020)
Black Ice (2021)
Rising Tiger (2022)
Dead Fall (2023)

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