Secret Circle Books in Order, by L. J. Smith

The Secret Circle is a young adult fantasy book series written by L.J. Smith (Vampire Diaries) about Cassie Blake.

She moves to the town of New Salem and discovers that she is a powerful witch. Cassie soon becomes part of a secret coven of witches, known as the Secret Circle, comprised of other students at her high school. As she delves into her newfound magical abilities, she becomes entangled in the complex dynamics of the coven.

Throughout the series, Cassie and her friends confront various supernatural threats and attempt to uncover the mysteries surrounding their families and the source of their magical abilities.

Here is the Secret Circle Series in Order

The Initiation (1992)
The Captive (1992)
The Power (1992)
The Divide (2012)*
The Hunt (2012)*
The Temptation (2013)*

*Novels co-written with Aubrey Clark.

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