Shatter Me Series in Order, by Tahereh Mafi

The story of the Shatter Me saga is set in a future world where a totalitarian regime is in control.

We follow Juliette Ferrars who possesses a lethal touch and, because of this, she has been isolated in prison for years. The series begins with Juliette being released from her solitary confinement to serve the regime as a weapon.

As she grapples with her abilities and the consequences of her touch, Juliette becomes involved in a rebellion against the oppressive government.

This is a young adult dystopian series written by Tahereh Mafi.

Here are the Shatter Me Books in Order

Shatter Me (2011)
Destroy Me” (2012)*
Unravel Me (2013)
Fracture Me” (2013)*
Ignite Me (2014)
Restore Me (2018)
“Shadow Me” (2019)*
Defy Me (2019)
Reveal Me” (2019)*
Imagine Me (2020)
Believe Me” (2021)*

*Those are complementary novellas.

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