Simeon Grist Books in Order, by Timothy Hallinan

Simeon Grist is a private investigator based in Los Angeles who finds himself entangled in different mysteries or criminal cases that require his detective skills to solve.

As he delves into the investigations, Grist encounters a variety of colorful characters, navigates the diverse and sometimes seedy landscapes of Los Angeles, and unravels complex plots filled with twists and turns.

This is a mystery series written by Timothy Hallinan (Poke Rafferty).

Here is the Simeon Grist Series in Order

The Four Last Things (1989)
Everything but the Squeal (1990)
Skin Deep (1991)
Incinerator (1992)
The Man with No Time (1993)
The Bone Polisher (1995)
Pulped (2017)

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