Singing Hills Cycle Books in Order, by Nghi Vo

Set in a world inspired by East Asian and Southeast Asian history and mythology, the Singing Hills Cycle written by Nghi Vo follows Chih, the archivist and cleric at the Singing Hills monastery Chih, as they record the stories of empresses, handmaidens, cultivators, ghosts, bandits, and many more.

The series begins when Chih meets Rabbit, an elderly caretaker who tells stories about her time as a servant to the northern wife of the Emperor of Pine and Steel.

Here is the Singing Hills Cycle Series in Order

The Empress of Salt and Fortune (2020)
When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain (2020)
Into the Riverlands (2022)
Mammoths at the Gates (2023)
The Brides of High Hill (2024)

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