Skink Books in Order, by Carl Hiaasen

Written by Carl Hiaasen, the Skink series is about Clinton Tyree, also known as Skink. He is the eccentric and unpredictable ex-governor of Florida who has become a self-appointed guardian of the environment.

Skink is often portrayed as a larger-than-life figure who uses his unique skills and resources to confront those who threaten the natural world or exploit others.

The series blends elements of crime fiction, environmentalism, and humor as Skink typically uses unconventional methods of dealing with environmental issues and other problems in Florida.

Here is the Skink Series in Order

Double Whammy (1988)
Native Tongue (1991)
Stormy Weather (1995)
Sick Puppy (2000)*
Skinny Dip (2004)
Star Island (2010)
No Surrender (2014)
Squeeze Me (2020)

*This book features the character Mick Stranahan from Hiaasen’s book Skin Tight (1989).