Soulwood Books in Order, by Faith Hunter

Written by Faith Hunter, The Soulwood series is a spin-off of the Jane Yellowrock series, set in the same fictional urban fantasy universe.

The series follows Nell Ingram, a character introduced in the Jane Yellowrock series, as she navigates the challenges of her unique abilities and becomes embroiled in mysteries and supernatural conflicts.

Nell Ingram is a woman with a troubled past who possesses a powerful connection to the earth and nature. As a result of her abilities, she is recruited by PsyLED, the Paranormal Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to join their team of agents who investigate paranormal crimes and threats.

Here is the Soulwood Series in Order

Blood of the Earth (2015)
Curse on the Land (2016)
Flame in the Dark (2017)
Circle of the Moon (2019)
Spells for the Dead (2020)
Rift in the Soul (2024)

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