Spy School Books in Order, by Stuart Gibbs

The adventures of Benjamin Ripley, a middle school student who unexpectedly finds himself recruited into a secret CIA academy for young spies.

Ben is chosen for his exceptional math skills and inadvertently becomes involved in a mission to thwart an evil organization’s plans. As the series progresses, Ben navigates the challenges of espionage training, uncovering conspiracies, and dealing with various adversaries.

The Spy School series is written by Stuart Gibbs who mixes spy thrills and middle-school antics.

Here is The Spy School Series in Order

Spy School (2012)
Spy Camp (2013)
Evil Spy School (2015)
Spy Ski School (2016)
Spy School Secret Service (2017)
Spy School Goes South (2018)
Spy School British Invasion
Spy School Revolution
Spy School At Sea
Spy School Project X
Spy School Goes North

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