Stella and Lyndy Books in Order, by Clara McKenna

Written by Clara McKenna, the Stella and Lyndy Mystery series is set in Edwardian England.

The story starts with the arranged marriage between American heiress Stella Kendrick and Viscount Lyndhurst, who is a member of the landed gentry. As Stella and Lyndy are only days away from their wedding, they find themselves working on solving two murders.

For them, married life is strangely full of murder mysteries.

Here is the Stella and Lyndy Series in Order

Murder At Morrington Hall (2019)
Murder at Blackwater Bend (2020)
Murder at Keyhaven Castle (2021)
Murder at the Majestic Hotel (2022)
Murder on Mistletoe Lane (2023)
Murder at Glenloch Hill (2024)

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