Sugar Creek Gang Books in Order, by Paul Hutchens

The Sugar Creek Gang series by Paul Hutchens is a beloved collection of Christian-themed children’s books that follows the adventures of a group of young boys who form a club called the Sugar Creek Gang.

Set in the small town of Sugar Creek in the mid-20th century, each book features the Gang as they embark on various adventures, solve mysteries, and learn important life lessons along the way.

The main characters of the Sugar Creek Gang include Bill Collins, the group’s leader; Poetry, an African-American boy with a gift for rhyming; Big Jim, a strong and loyal friend; Little Jim, Big Jim’s younger brother; Dragonfly, the youngest member of the gang; Circus, who loves performing tricks; and others who join the gang throughout the series.

Here is the Sugar Creek Gang Series in Order

The Swamp Robber (1940) aka The Sugar Creek Gang
The Killer Bear (1940) aka We Killed a Bear
The Winter Rescue (1940) aka Further Adventures of the Sugar Creek Gang
The Lost Campers (1941) aka The Sugar Creek Gang Goes Camping
The Chicago Adventure (1941) aka The Sugar Creek Gang in Chicago
The Secret Hideout (1942) aka The Sugar Creek Gang in School
The Mystery Cave (1943) aka Mystery at Sugar Creek
The Palm Tree Manhunt (1944) aka The Sugar Creek Gang on Palm Tree Island
One Stormy Day (1946) aka One Stormy Day at Sugar Creek
The Mystery Thief (1946) aka A New Sugar Creek Mystery
Teacher Trouble (1947) aka Shenanigans at Sugar Creek
Screams in the Night (1947) aka The Sugar Creek Gang Goes North
The Indian Cemetery (1947) aka Adventure in an Indian Cemetery
The Treasure Hunt (1948) aka The Sugar Creek Gang Digs for Treasure
The Thousand Dollar Fish (1948) aka North Woods Manhunt
The Haunted House (1949) aka The Haunted House at Sugar Creek
Lost in the Blizzard (1950) aka Lost in a Sugar Creek Blizzard
On the Mexican Border (1950) aka The Sugar Creek Gang on the Mexican Border
The Green Tent Mystery (1950) aka The Green Tent Mystery at Sugar Creek
The Bull Fighter (1952) aka 10,000 Minutes at Sugar Creek
The Trapline Thief (1995) aka The Trap Line Thief at Sugar Creek
The Blue Cow (1953) aka Blue Cow at Sugar Creek
The Watermelon Mystery (1955) aka Watermelon Mystery at Sugar Creek
The Tree House Mystery (1955) aka Old Stranger’s Secret at Sugar Creek
The Timber Wolf (1957) aka The Sugar Creek Gang at Snow Goose Lodge
Western Adventure (1957) aka Sugar Creek Gang Goes Western
The Killer Cat (1958) aka We Killed a Wildcat at Sugar Creek
Locked in the Attic (1959) aka Down a Sugar Creek Chimney
The Colorado Kidnapping (1959) aka Wild Horse Canyon Mystery
The Runaway Rescue (1960) aka Runaway Rescue at Sugar Creek
The Cemetery Vandals (1961) aka The Worm Turns at Sugar Creek
The Battle Of The Bees (1962) aka Sleeping Beauty at Sugar Creek
The Case of the Missing Calf (1964)
The Ghost Dog (1968) aka Howling Dog in the Sugar Creek Swamp
The White Boat Rescue (1969) aka White Boat Rescue at Sugar Creek
The Brown Box Mystery (1970)

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