Sunny Randall Books in Order, by Robert B. Parker

Sunny Randall is a smart, tough, independent female private investigator in Boston. She often gets involved in diverse crimes, relationships, and personal conflicts and has to deal with law enforcement officials, criminals, and the clients who seek her services.

This crime fiction series was written by Robert B. Parker (Virgil Cole) and later continued by Mike Lupica and other writers following Parker’s death.

Here is the Sunny Randall Series in Order

Family Honor (1999)
Perish Twice (2000)
Shrink Rap (2002)
Melancholy Baby (2004)
Blue Screen (2006)
Spare Change (2007)
Blood Feud (2018)*
Grudge Match (2020)*
Payback (2021)*
Revenge Tour (2022)*
Bad Influence (2023)**

*Novels from the Sunny Randall series written by Mike Lupica.
**Novels from the Sunny Randall series written by Alison Gaylin.

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