Sword of Truth Books in Order, by Terry Goodkind

A fantasy series written by Terry Goodkind (1948 – 2020), The Sword of Truth follows the adventures of Richard Cypher, a woods guide who discovers his extraordinary magical abilities.

The story is set in a fantastical world divided between the Midlands and the totalitarian regime known as D’Hara.

Richard learns of his destiny as the Seeker of Truth, a chosen hero destined to wield the Sword of Truth and battle against the dark forces threatening the world and, as the series progresses, her faces various challenges, battles magical adversaries, and seeks to thwart the plans of the main antagonist, Darken Rahl.

Alongside him is his best friend and mentor,¬†Zedd, and Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor, who becomes Richard’s love interest and a crucial ally in the fight against evil.

Here is the Sword of Truth Reading Order

The Sword of Truth is an epic saga composed of multiple series.

The Sword of Truth Series

The First Confessor (2012)*
Debt of Bones” (2001)*
Wizard’s First Rule (1994)
Stone of Tears (1995)
Blood of the Fold (1996)
Temple of the Winds (1997)
Soul of the Fire (1999)
Faith of the Fallen (2000)
The Pillars of Creation (2001)
Naked Empire (2003)
Chainfire (2005)
Phantom (2006)
Confessor (2007)

*Those prequels were originally published later and he is recommended to read them once you are familiar with the series.

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The Richard and Kahlan Series

The Omen Machine (2011)
The Third Kingdom (2013)
Severed Souls (2014)
Warheart (2015)

The Nicci Chronicles

Death’s Mistress (2017)
Shroud of Eternity (2018)
Siege of Stone (2018)
Heart of Black Ice (2020)

The Children of D’Hara Series

The Scribbly Man (2019)
Hateful Things (2019)
Wasteland (2019)
Witch’s Oath (2020)
Into Darkness (2020)