Teddy Fay Books in Order, by Stuart Woods

Teddy Fay is a highly skilled and resourceful former CIA operative who has become a key player in various covert operations.

Teddy Fay finds himself involved in espionage, intelligence work, and often operates on the fringes of the law to achieve his goals as he navigates dangerous missions, tackles international threats, and utilizes his unique set of skills to outsmart adversaries. Teddy Fay is known for his cunning, adaptability, and ability to handle high-stakes situations.

The Teddy Fay book series was co-authored by Stuart Woods (1938 – 2022), Parnell Hall, and others.

Here is Teddy Fay Series in Order

Smooth Operator (2016)*
The Money Shot (2018)*
Skin Game (2019)*
Bombshell (2020)*
Jackpot (2021)**
Obsession (2023)***

*These books were written by Stuart Woods with Parnell Hall.
**This book was written by Stuart Woods with Bryon Quertermous.
***This book was written by Stuart Woods with Brett Battles.

Before the series started, Teddy Fay first appeared as a secondary character in Stuart Woods’ Stone Barrington series (or just for cameos).

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