Terminal List Books in Order, by Jack Carr

Written by Jack Carr, The Terminal List book series is about James Reece, a Navy SEAL who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy after a mission goes awry.

The story begins with Reece and his team carrying out a mission in Afghanistan.

However, the mission takes a dark turn, and Reece finds himself back in the United States, grappling with the aftermath. As he investigates the circumstances surrounding the mission, he discovers a web of corruption and betrayal that goes far beyond the battlefield.

Reece becomes a target, and his quest for justice transforms into a mission of revenge.

Here is the Terminal List Series in Order

The Terminal List (2018)
True Believer (2019)
Savage Son (2020)
The Devil’s Hand (2021)
In the Blood (2022)
Only the Dead (2023)
Red Sky Mourning (2024)

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