The Dales Detective Books in Order, by Julia Chapman

The Dales Detective series by Julia Chapman is a cozy mystery series set in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales in England.

The story revolves around the adventures of Samson O’Brien, a former police officer who returns to his hometown of Bruncliffe to start a new life and a private investigation business.

Alongside Samson is Delilah Metcalfe, a local entrepreneur who runs the Dales Dating Agency. Despite their initial differences, Samson and Delilah form an unlikely partnership, with Delilah assisting Samson in his investigations while also navigating their own personal and professional challenges.

Here is the Dales Detective Series in Order

Date with Death (2017)
Date with Malice (2017)
Date with Mystery (2018)
Date with Poison (2019)
Date with Danger (2020)
Date with Deceit (2021)
Date with Betrayal (2022)
Date with Evil (2023)
Date with Justice (2024)

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