The Inheritance Games Books in Order, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, The Inheritance Games series follows a teenage protagonist named Avery Grambs, who unexpectedly inherits a massive fortune from a reclusive billionaire named Tobias Hawthorne.

However, there’s a catch – Avery must live in Hawthorne’s mansion and compete with other potential heirs, including Tobias’s grandsons.

The story revolves around the mysterious circumstances of Tobias Hawthorne’s decision and the challenges Avery faces while trying to navigate the eccentricities of the Hawthorne family.

The family dynamics, secrets, and complex relationships unfold as Avery tries to uncover the truth behind her unexpected inheritance.

Here is The Inheritance Games Series in Order

The Inheritance Games (2020)
The Hawthorne Legacy (2021)
The Final Gambit (2022)
The Brothers Hawthorne (2023)

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