The Last Kingdom Books in Order, by Bernard Cornwell

The Last Kingdom series, also known as The Saxon Stories (or even Saxon Tales/Saxon Chronicles) and The Warrior Chronicles, is about Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

Son of a Saxon lord in Northumbria, he was captured as a child and raised by a Danish warlord. Once adult, he finds himself repeatedly¬†pushed on the frontline, fighting to make Alfred the Great’s dream of uniting all English speakers into one realm a reality.

The series is written by Bernard Cornwell (Sharpe).

Here is The Last Kingdom Book Series in Order:

The Last Kingdom (2004)
The Pale Horseman
The Lords of the North
Sword Song
The Burning Land
Death of Kings
The Pagan Lord
The Empty Throne
Warriors of the Storm
The Flame Bearer
War of the Wolf
Sword of Kings
War Lord

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