The Laundry Files Books in Order, by Charles Stross

Bob Howard works for a secret British government agency known as “The Laundry.” The Laundry’s mission is to deal with occult threats and supernatural entities that pose a danger to the world.

Bob navigates the bureaucratic challenges of his job, which involves dealing with Lovecraftian horrors, magical artifacts, and otherworldly dangers. As the series progresses, Bob becomes entangled in various complex and often humorous situations, facing both mundane office politics and cosmic threats that could potentially unravel reality.

The Laundry Files book series is a blend of science fiction and urban fantasy written by Charles Stross (Merchant Princes).

Here is the Laundry Files Series in Order

The Atrocity Archives (2004)
The Concrete Jungle” (2005)*
The Jennifer Morgue (2006)
Pimpf” (2006)**
Down on the Farm” (2008)
Equoid” (2013)
The Fuller Memorandum (2010)
Overtime” (2010)
The Apocalypse Codex (2012)
The Rhesus Chart (2014)
The Annihilation Score (2015)
The Nightmare Stacks (2016)
Escape from Yokai Land” (2022)
The Delirium Brief (2017)
The Labyrinth Index (2018)
Dead Lies Dreaming (2020)
Quantum of Nightmares (2021)
Season of Skulls (2023)

*Novella collected in The Atrocity Archive.
**Short story collected in The Jennifer Morgue.

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