The Lunar Chronicles in Order, by Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles is a young adult science fiction series written by Marissa Meyer.

The series is a futuristic retelling of classic fairy tales, set in a world where Earth is facing political turmoil, and a deadly plague, while the Moon (Luna) is home to a colony of people with unique abilities.

Each book introduces new characters while maintaining an overarching plot.

Here is The Lunar Chronicles Book in Order

Fairest” (2015)
The Keeper“*
The Little Android“*
The Mechanic“*
Cinder (2011)
The Queen’s Army“*
Scarlet (2013)
Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky“*
After Sunshine Passes By“*
Cress (2014)
The Princess and the Guard“*
Winter (2015)
Wires and Nerve (2017)**
Gone Rogue (2018)**
“Something Old, Something New”*

*Those short stories have been collected in one volume titled Stars Above.
**Those are graphic novels set after the official conclusion of the series in the Winter novel.

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