The Selection Series in Order, by Kiera Cass

35 girls saw the Selection as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. the chance to live in a palace, get out of a strict caste system, and try to win the love of the stunning Prince Maxon. But being chosen is a nightmare for America Singer.

It entails giving up on her hidden affection for Aspen, a caste beneath her, and contending for a throne she doesn’t desire. America discovers that the life she has always pictured could not measure up to a destiny she never could have imagined when she meets Prince Maxon.

The Selection is a Young Adult Sci-Fi series written by Kiera Cass.

Here are The Selection Books in Order

“The Queen” (2014)*
“The Prince” (2013)*
The Selection (2012)
The Elite (2013)
“The Guard” (2014)*
The One (2014)
“The Epilogue” (2014)*
“The Favorite” (2015)*
The Heir (2015)
The Crown (2016)

*The short stories and novellas are collected in one volume titled Happily Ever After (2015)

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