The Stranger Times Books in Order, by C.K. McDonnell

The Stranger Times series by C.K. McDonnell (aka Caimh McDonnell) is a darkly comedic urban fantasy series set in Manchester, England.

The series follows the staff of a peculiar newspaper called The Stranger Times, which reports on bizarre and supernatural occurrences that happen in the city.

It starts with Hannah Willis, a recently divorced woman, who takes a job as a reporter at The Stranger Times after responding to a mysterious job advertisement. She soon discovers that the newspaper is no ordinary publication; it covers stories about werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural beings that inhabit the city.

Under the eccentric leadership of Vincent Banecroft, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Hannah and her colleagues navigate the strange and dangerous world of the supernatural while trying to uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious events plaguing Manchester.

Here is The Stranger Times Series in Order

The Stranger Times (2021)
This Charming Man (2022)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (2023)
Relight My Fire (2024)

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