Thomas Chaloner Books in Order, by Susanna Gregory

The Thomas Chaloner series by Susanna Gregory is a historical mystery series set in 17th-century England, specifically during the Restoration period following the English Civil War.

The series revolves around the investigations of Thomas Chaloner, a former soldier and spy for Oliver Cromwell, as he solves crimes and navigates the political intrigue of Restoration-era London.

Thomas Chaloner is a resourceful and intelligent man who is well-versed in espionage and intelligence-gathering. After the Restoration of the monarchy under King Charles II, Chaloner finds himself in London, where he becomes involved in solving various crimes and mysteries at the behest of powerful figures within the government.

Here is the Thomas Chaloner Series in Order

A Conspiracy of Violence (2006)
Blood On the Strand (2007)
The Butcher of Smithfield (2008)
The Westminster Poisoner (2008)
A Murder on London Bridge (2009)
The Body in the Thames (2011)
The Piccadilly Plot (2012)
Death in St James’s Park (2013)
Murder on High Holborn (2014)
The Cheapside Corpse (2015)
The Chelsea Strangler (2016)
The Executioner of St Paul’s (2017)
Intrigue in Covent Garden (2018)
The Clerkenwell Affair (2020)
The Pudding Lane Plot (2022)

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