Toby Peters Books in Order, by Stuart M. Kaminsky

Set against the backdrop of 1940s and 1950s Hollywood, Toby Peters is a private investigator who tackles various cases involving Hollywood celebrities, studios, and the glitzy world of show business.

This down-to-earth, resourceful, and witty detective navigates the film industry’s glamorous and sometimes seedy side.

He often finds himself in amusing or perilous situations in this book series written by Stuart M. Kaminsky (1934 – 2009, author of the Inspector Rostnikov series) that incorporates historical elements and real-life celebrities from the era.

Here is the Toby Peters Series in Order

Bullet for A Star (1977)
Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (1977)
You Bet Your Life (1978)
The Howard Hughes Affair (1979)
Never Cross a Vampire (1980)
High Midnight (1981)
Catch A Falling Clown (1981)
He Done Her Wrong (1983)
The Fala Factor (1984)
Down for the Count (1985)
The Man Who Shot Lewis Vance (1986)
Smart Moves (1987)
Think Fast, Mr Peters (1987)
Buried Caesars (1989)
Poor Butterfly (1990)
The Melting Clock (1991)
The Devil Met A Lady (1993)
Tomorrow is Another Day (1995)
Dancing in the Dark (1996)
A Fatal Glass of Beer (1997)
A Few Minutes Past Midnight (2001)
To Catch a Spy (2002)
Mildred Pierced (2003)
Now You See It (2004)

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