Tom Gates Books in Order, by Liz Pichon

The Tom Gates book series is a children’s book series written and illustrated by Liz Pichon that follows the humorous and mischievous adventures of a middle-school student named Tom Gates.

He is an imaginative and creative boy who navigates the challenges of school, friendships, and family life.

Here is the Tom Gates Series in Order

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (2011)
Excellent Excuses (And Other Good Stuff)
Everything’s Amazing (Sort Of)
Genius Ideas (Mostly)
Tom Gates Is Absolutely Fantastic (at Some Things)
Extra Special Treats (not)
A Tiny Bit Lucky
Yes! No (Maybe… )
Top of the Class (Nearly)
Super Good Skills (Almost…)
DogZombies Rule (For Now)
Family, Friends and Furry Creatures
Epic Adventure (kind of)
Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans
What Monster?
Mega Make and Do (and Stories Too!)
Spectacular School Trip (really!)
Ten Tremendous Tales
Random Acts Of Fun
Happy To Help (eventually)
Five Star Stories (hooray!)

Additional Books in the Tom Gates Collection

Tom Gates: Best Book Day Ever! (so far) (2013)
Tom Gates: The Big Book Of Fun Stuff (2014)
Tom Gates: Totally Brilliant Annual (2017)
Tom Gates: The Music Book (2019)
Tom Gates: You Can Draw (2022)
Tom Gates: Totally Brilliant Advent Calendar (2022)

Those books contain bonus stories and lots of activities for young readers.

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