Tom Wilde Books in Order, by Rory Clements

A historical thriller series written by Rory Clements (John Shakespear), The Tom Wilde series is set in England during the tumultuous years leading up to World War II.

Tom Wilde is an esteemed Cambridge professor and former intelligence officer, who becomes entangled in various espionage and intrigue plots.

Set against the backdrop of rising tensions in Europe, including the rise of Nazi Germany, the stories follow Tom Wilde as he is drawn into dangerous situations. He investigates mysteries, uncovers conspiracies, and works to protect his country from internal and external threats.

Here is the Tom Wilde Series in Order

Corpus (2016)
Nucleus (2018)
Nemesis (2019)
Hitler’s Secret (2020)
A Prince and a Spy (2021)
The Man in the Bunker (2022)
The English Fuhrer (2023)

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