Tommy Carmellini Books in Order, by Stephen Coonts

Introduced in the Jake Grafton, also written by Stephen Coonts, Tommy Carmellini is a former burglar turned CIA operative who is known for his wit, resourcefulness, and unconventional approach to problem-solving.

The series follows Carmellini working for Jake Grafton as he becomes involved in various covert operations, espionage, and political intrigue.

His adventures take him around the world, tackling threats to national security and navigating the complex world of intelligence and counterterrorism.

Here is the Tommy Carmellini Series in Order

Cuba (1998)*
Hong Kong (2000)*
America (2001)*
Liberty (2003)*
Liars and Thieves (2004)
The Traitor (2006)
The Assassin (2007)
The Disciple (2009)
Pirate Alley (2013)
The Art of War (2016)
Liberty’s Last Stand (2016)
The Armageddon File (2017)
The Russia Account (2019)

*Those novels are part of the Jake Grafton series but also feature Tommy Carmellini as a recurring supporting character.

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