Tony Hill Books in Order, by Val McDermid

Dr. Tony Hill is a clinical psychologist and criminal profiler who collaborates with Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan on various criminal investigations. They work together to solve complex and often gruesome criminal cases.

Tony Hill, with his expertise in profiling and understanding criminal behavior, assists the police in identifying and apprehending serial killers. Carol Jordan, a skilled detective, leads the investigative efforts to catch the perpetrators.

The Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series was written by Val McDermid (Lindsay Gordon).

Here is the Tony Hill Series in Order

The Mermaids Singing (1995)
The Wire In The Blood (1997)
The Last Temptation (2002)
The Torment of Others (2004)
Beneath the Bleeding (2007)
Fever of the Bone (2009)
The Retribution (2011)
Cross and Burn (2013)
Splinter the Silence (2015)
Insidious Intent (2017)
How the Dead Speak (2019)

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