Uglies Series in Order, by Scott Westerfeld

Set in a future society where everyone undergoes a mandatory surgery at age 16 to become “Pretty” and conform to societal standards of beauty, this dystopian young adult series follows Tally Youngblood, an initially rebellious teenager.

She is hesitant about undergoing the transformation but decides to do it, only to be forced to chase those who escape before the “turning” to get what she desires.

Tally’s journey explores themes of individuality, societal pressure, and the consequences of striving for a homogeneous definition of beauty. The Uglies book series is written by Scott Westerfeld.

Here are the Uglies Books in Order

Uglies (2005)
Uglies: Shay’s Story (2012)
Pretties (2005)
Specials (2006)
Extras (2007)

There is also a spin-off series titled Impostors.

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