Veronica Speedwell Books in Order, by Deanna Raybourn

The mystery series with a touch of romance written by Deanna Raybourn follows the adventures of Veronica Speedwell, an independent and adventurous lepidopterist (butterfly enthusiast) living in Victorian England.

The story begins when Veronica finds herself embroiled in a mystery surrounding her own past. Along the way, she forms an unlikely partnership with a natural historian named Stoker.

Together, they investigate various mysteries, often involving murder, espionage, and secret societies.

Here is the Veronica Speedwell Series in Order

A Curious Beginning (2015)
A Perilous Undertaking (2017)
A Treacherous Curse (2018)
A Dangerous Collaboration (2019)
A Murderous Relation (2020)
An Unexpected Peril (2021)
An Impossible Impostor (2022)
A Sinister Revenge (2023)
A Grave Robbery (2024)

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