Walt Longmire Books in Order, by Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire book series tells the compelling stories of Sheriff Walt Longmire in the fictional Wyoming county of Absaroka.

The story follows a tough and reflective lawman named Longmire as he investigates a range of murders and mysteries against the backdrop of the vast and difficult terrain of the American West.

Here is The Walt Longmire Series in Order

The Cold Dish (2004)
Death Without Company (2006)
Kindness Goes Unpunished (2007)
Another Man’s Moccasins (2008)
The Dark Horse (2009)
Junkyard Dogs (2010)
Hell Is Empty (2011)
Divorce Horse” (2012)*
As the Crow Flies (2012)
Christmas in Absaroka County” (2012)*
Messenger” (2013)*
A Serpent’s Tooth (2013)
The Spirit of Steamboat” (2013)*
Any Other Name (2014)
Wait for Signs” (2014)*
Dry Bones (2015)
The Highwayman” (2016)*
An Obvious Fact (2016)
The Western Star (2017)
Depth of Winter (2018)
Land of Wolves (2019)
Next to Last Stand (2020)
Daughter of the Morning Star (2021)
Hell and Back (2022)
The Longmire Defense (2023)
First Frost (2024)

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