Whiskey Creek Books in Order, by Brenda Novak

Written by Brenda Novak, this contemporary romance series revolves around the small town of Whiskey Creek and its residents, with each book focusing on a different couple and their romantic journey.

The stories typically involve elements of love, friendship, family dynamics, and overcoming various challenges to find happiness and fulfillment in romantic relationships.

The interconnected characters and ongoing community backdrop create a cohesive narrative throughout the series.

Here is the Whiskey Creek Series in Order

When We Touch” (2012)
When Lightning Strikes (2012)
When Snow Falls (2012)
When Summer Comes (2013)
Home to Whiskey Creek (2013)
Take Me Home for Christmas (2013)
Come Home to Me (2014)
The Heart of Christmas (2014)
This Heart of Mine (2015)
A Winter Wedding (2015)
Discovering You (2016)

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