Will Trent Books in Order, by Karin Slaughter

Will Trent is a special agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) who is a dyslexic detective with a troubled past.

The novels explore various criminal cases that Will Trent becomes involved in, often featuring complex investigations, dangerous criminals, and personal challenges.

The series delves into Will Trent’s past, including his difficult childhood and the impact it has on his present life and career.

This is a psychological crime thriller series written by Karin Slaughter (Grant County).

Here is the Will Trent Series in Order

Triptych (2006)
Fractured (2008)
Undone (2009)
Broken (2010)
Fallen (2011)
Snatched” (2012)
Criminal (2012)
Busted” (2013)
Unseen (2013)
The Kept Woman (2016)
Cleaning the Gold” (2019)
The Last Widow (2019)
The Silent Wife (2020)
After That Night (2023)

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