William Lorimer Books in Order, by Alex Gray

William Lorimer is a seasoned and intuitive detective in Glasgow, Scotland. He is known for his dedication to his job and his commitment to solving even the most challenging cases.

Throughout the series written by Alex Gray, Lorimer tackles a wide range of crimes, from serial killings to cold cases, often delving into the dark underbelly of Glasgow’s criminal underworld.

The novels also delve into Lorimer’s personal life, exploring his relationships with his wife, Maggie, and his colleagues, as well as his own struggles and vulnerabilities.

Here is the William Lorimer Series in Order

Never Somewhere Else (2002)
A Small Weeping (2004)
Shadows of Sounds (2005)
The Riverman (2007)
Pitch Black (2008)
Glasgow Kiss (2009)
Five Ways to Kill a Man (2008)
Sleep Like the Dead (2011)
A Pound of Flesh (2012)
The Swedish Girl (2013)
The Bird That Did Not Sing (2014)
The Bank Job” (2015)
Keep The Midnight Out (2015)
The Darkest Goodbye (2016)
Still Dark (2017)
Only the Dead Can Tell (2018)
The Stalker (2019)
When Shadows Fall (2020)
Before the Storm (2021)
Echo of the Dead (2022)
Questions for a Dead Man (2023)
Out of Darkness (2024)

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