William Monk Books in Order, by Anne Perry

A historical detective series written by Anne Perry (1938 – 2023) set in Victorian London, the story follows William Monk, a talented and determined detective who suffers from amnesia, unable to remember his past.

As Monk works on solving various criminal cases, he is also driven to uncover the mysteries of his own identity and past.

Alongside Monk is his trusted friend, nurse, and eventual wife, Hester Latterly, who plays a significant role in both Monk’s personal life and his professional pursuits.

Here is the William Monk Series in Order

The Face of a Stranger (1990)
A Dangerous Mourning (1991)
Defend and Betray (1992)
A Sudden, Fearful Death (1993)
The Sins of the Wolf (1994)
Cain His Brother (1995)
Weighed in the Balance (1996)
The Silent Cry (1997)
A Breach of Promise (1997)
The Twisted Root (1999)
Slaves of Obsession (2000)
Funeral in Blue (2001)
Death of a Stranger (2002)
The Shifting Tide (2004)
Dark Assassin (2006)
Execution Dock (2009)
Acceptable Loss (2011)
A Sunless Sea (2012)
Blind Justice (2013)
Blood on the Water (2014)
Corridors of the Night (2015)
Revenge in a Cold River (2016)
An Echo of Murder (2017)
Dark Tide Rising (2018)

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