Wrexford and Sloane Books in Order, by Andrea Penrose

Set in Regency-era London, this historical mystery series written by Andrea Penrose follows the investigative efforts of the enigmatic and talented artist-scientist Wrexford, and the brilliant and determined widow Charlotte Sloane.

They are brought together to solve various crimes and mysteries in a society where science, art, and intrigue intersect.

As the duo navigates the vibrant but perilous world of 19th-century London, they encounter a diverse cast of characters and face numerous obstacles in their pursuit of the truth.

Here is the Wrexford and Sloane Series in Order

Murder on Black Swan Lane (2017)
Murder at Half Moon Gate (2018)
Murder at Kensington Palace (2019)
Murder at Queen’s Landing (2020)
Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens (2021)
Murder at the Serpentine Bridge (2022)
Murder at the Merton Library (2023)
Murder at King’s Crossing (2024)

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