Zailer and Waterhouse Books in Order, by Sophie Hannah

The Zailer and Waterhouse series–also known as the Culver Valley Crime series–by Sophie Hannah (Hercule Poirot) is a collection of psychological thriller novels set in the fictional Culver Valley, a small town in England.

The series follows detectives Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer in stories that often delve into themes such as secrets, deception, and the consequences of past actions.

Here is the Zailer and Waterhouse Series in Order

Little Face (2006)
Hurting Distance (2007)
The Point of Rescue (2008)
The Other Half Lives (2009)
A Room Swept White (2010)
Lasting Damage (2011)
Kind of Cruel (2012)
The Carrier (2013)
Pictures or it Didn’t Happen (2015)*
The Telling Error (2014)
The Tennis Church“**
The Narrow Bed (2016)
The Dwelling“**
The Warrior Prophet
The Couple at the Table (2022)

*Part of the “Quick Reads” collection
**Short Christmas stories that are available on Sophie Hannah’s website.

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